No Gimmicks, No Bullshit, Just Hard Ass Work

Not achieving your fitness goals?

Not to worry, Aesthetics Nutrition is here to help!

Forget about all those garbage programs that promise you results and never deliver on that promise. My name is Chris “Fyre” and I am the CEO and Owner of Aesthetics Nutrition. Allow me to be your Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I can GUARANTEE you will see the change you desire if you follow the strict personalized diet and workouts I will lay out for you.

A little bit about me

Born and raised in Staten Island New York, my entire childhood I was always consider a heavyset. Teased by classmates, family and friends, I was sick and tired of looking the way I did, so I decided to make a change and was determined to do so. I still continue to improve my physique to this very day.

After thorough research on nutrition and experimenting with my own body I was able to see change and results, you can say I became addicted. Many say I am blessed because of my genetics, but that’s just a poor excuse. I don’t have easy muscle building genetics, eveything I have achieved is because of strict dieting and a rigourous workout routine that works best for me. I want to share my knowledge and find a diet and workout routine that works best for you to help you achieve your goals today! Let’s get it!

What is Aesthetics Nutrition anyway?

Over the years, after helping numerous people as a personal trainer, I slowly began to realize that training and working out played a very small part in the fat loss process. Only the clients that were following a guideline of what I gave them to eat were making progress and the clients who I didn't monitor their eating plan were not reaching their goals at the rate they wanted to probably due to eating a horrible diet. This is when I realized I wanted to focus more on the nutrition aspect and helping people eat the correct diet based on their bodytype and goals.

I started Aesthetics Nutrition because all these fad diets that are out in the mainstream media are cookie cutter outlines where 1 diet fits all; when losing fat and building muscle is a very individual process and not that simple. Those fad diets will help you lose total weight (water, muscle, bone density) they will not help you solely lose "fat" while maintaining and building muscle which should be the ultimate goal. Everyones diet along with training should be customized and monitored based on individual needs and bodytypes. This is why I started Aesthetics Nutrition to help coach and guide people step by step to reaching their goals and looking like the best version of themselves.

Plans & Packages


Personalized Diet, Supplement stack & complete training routine! Recommended for those who want to veer off on their own but just need basic advice and information.

Monthly Coaching

Same as the basic plan but you will have me guiding you along the way to achieving your fitness goals and answer any of your questions, anytime!

12 Week

Everything in the Monthly plan and more! Recommended for those looking to make a complete transformation in just 3 months. Don’t delay another second!

18 Week

This has everything in the Monthly plan. Recommended for those looking to compete in any kind of physique show or those looking to lose fat and build muscle!